Arkadiusz Wiśniewski – Mayor of Opole

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Arkadiusz Wiśniewski

Born in 1978. Higher education, MBA degree at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and Political Science and Administration at the University of Opole. He also graduated with a post-graduate degree in Audit and Control from Opole University of Technology and completed various courses and training programs. He developed his professional experience working as a lecturer (University of Opole), local government associate (he was one of the managers of the Centre for Economic Development in Opole). He was also the President of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Moreover, he wrote science articles on the issue of local government and regional development. He is an independent politician. He was elected to the Opole City Council four times. From 2006 to 2010 he was the Deputy Chairman of the City Council and in the following local government elections he was elected as the Chairman of the City Council. From 2010 to 2013 he was Deputy Mayor of Opole and was responsible for cooperation with entrepreneurs, education and city infrastructure. He has been serving as the Mayor of Opole since 2014. He won the elections running from his own committee supported by the “Opole na Tak” Association. He is also the President of the Opole Metropolitan Area Board - an association that comprises 21 municipalities belonging to Opole and neighbouring areas. The mayor likes spending free time in an active way and with his family. He loves reading and travelling. He is passionate about sports, including football and basketball.
Office hours: Thursday 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Mayor’s Deputies and Associates:
Maciej Wujec – First Deputy Mayor
Małgorzata Stelnicka – Second Deputy Mayor
Przemysław Zych – Third Deputy Mayor
Renata Ćwirzeń-Szymańska – City Treasurer
Grzegorz Marcjasz – Opole City Hall Secretary

Contact data
Prezydent Miasta
45-015 Opole
77 45 11 802
prezydent [at]

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