Opole’s Civic Budget

Dla Mieszkańca
Budżet Obywatelski Opola

The budget aims to encourage the residents to stay active and build a civic society based on their commitment, as well as improve the dialogue between all parties that engage in the Civic Budget. Opole’s authorities offer the residents an opportunity to decide on the investments and other tasks that are important to them, anticipating acceptance of the decisions, and to develop civic awareness because the civic budget is also an effective education tool which presents the residents of Opole with the mechanisms of the proper functioning of communities. 
The first civic budget in Opole was developed in 2015. Based and that budget and in consideration of numerous residents’ opinions, the city established rules for developing a civic budget in the coming years. This process, which engages the residents in the management process, continues and it results in subsequent editions of the Civic Budget.
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Centrum Dialogu Obywatelskiego
ul. Damrota 1
45-064 Opole
77 446 15 69
ngo [at] um.opole.pl

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