Presidium of the City Council

Dla Mieszkańca
Президія міської ради

Łukasz Sowada - Chairman of the City Council during its 8th term
Born in 1990 in Opole. Graduated from the University of Opole with a degree in Spatial Management and Economics. Since 2009 a member of the Council of Grudzice District (during its 1st, 2nd and 3rd term). Currently, he is the Deputy Chairman of the Board. He was a town councillor of the Opole City Council in its 4th term (2014-2018), Deputy Chairman in the Infrastructure Committee and Ad-hoc Committee on the Development of Subsidiary Units (Districts), and a member of the Revision Committee. He is the Chairman of Arkadiusz Wiśniewski’s Councillor Club Since 2018, Chairman of the City Council during its 8th term.
He is involved in issues related to the development of civic society (district councils, civic budget, local initiatives). He is an active athlete, a football referee and supports all initiatives related to the development of sport, especially among children and young people. He encourages improvement of the quality and facilities in sports, recreation and leisure, as well as cycling and social infrastructure.
Hobbies: Sports, film, local government and social activity.

Deputy Chairman of the City Council:

Barbara Kamińska
Arkadiusz Szymański
Małgorzata Wilkos


Contact data
Biuro Rady Miasta
Rynek - Ratusz
77 45 11 892
urzad [at]

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