Waste collection

Dla Mieszkańca
Wywóz odpadów

Cases related to municipal waste are processed by the Bureau of Municipal Waste Collection Supervision, ul. Piastowska 17; 45-081 Opole, tel: 77 44-13-237, 718, 732

Bin collection calendars and all necessary information related to municipal waste management in Opole are available at smieciopolis.opole.pl and in the “Opole recycles” app

To download required documents, please follow these steps:

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• Select type of service and application form
• Read information about the procedure
• Download application form and appendices (PDF files)
• Print and fill out downloaded forms
• Submit your application online or bring it to the City Hall.

Contact data
Biuro Nadzoru Odbioru Odpadów Komunalnych
ul. Piastowska 17
45-082 Opole
77 44-13-237, 718, 732

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