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Medicine is offered by Opole University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology in the form of a long-cycle programme. The purpose of the programme is to equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary to work as doctors. Studying medicine at Opole University enables you to gain knowledge of the medical sciences and the impact of life styles and risk factors and acquire medical, diagnostic and other problem-solving skills, all this in the form of a very varied curriculum.
The medicine programme offers no specialisations, but every student can choose from a range of elective classes every semester. In addition, the teaching methods emphasise practical education in the form of clinical simulation classes, which take place in various workshops. These include virtual anatomy, paramedic training (with an ambulance), intensive care, minimally invasive procedures and anatomical model exercises, hospital care, as well as operating and obstetrics theatre procedure simulations.
Graduates are required to take the Final Medical Examination and do a year-long internship which enables them to work as a doctor and begin specialisation training. The knowledge and skills acquired by graduates also allow them to look for employment elsewhere, including in education, social care, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as health education and counselling institutions.
It is worth adding that Opole University has established numerous partnerships with specialised hospitals, clinics and hospices, as well as the Voivodeship Medical Centre (the leading health care facility in Opole Voivodeship, now renamed to Opole University Hospital) for the purpose of offering medical education and internships.

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