Basen letni Błękitna Fala

Błekitna Fala summer swimming pool

For children

Nothing offers quite the relief on a hot day as cool blue water. And the largest quantities of soothing, blue water in Opole can be found at the Błękitna Fala swimming complex. It is no wonder that there are crowds there all the time in summer!
Błękitna Fala on 8 Plac Róż Street consists of three pools in total, one of which is 50 metres in length. Not only can you swim there to your heart’s content, but it also houses swimming competitions. The complex features three slides, including one that is 50 metres long, an artificial river which is always popular with visitors, as well as a volleyball court, a paddling pool, a smaller swimming pool for younger swimmers and a restaurant. And when the weather cools down, the water can be heated up!
One of the greatest things about Błękitna Fala is the fact that it is located almost in the very heart of the city. As an outdoor facility, it is also still surrounded by a tangle of trees. You can cool off there, get some exercise and sunbathe, especially once the Spanish heat waves begin.

Contact data
Basen Letni „Błękitna Fala”
plac Róż 1
45-228 Opole
77 455 32 69
basen [at]

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