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Bolko Island

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Opole’s Bolko Island is a popular spot among the locals. It certainly deserves to be called the green lungs of the city. The Island is perfect for a lazy walk, a bicycle trip, rollerblading, running and all other outdoor activities.
Its name comes from the Piast Prince Bolko, who ruled these lands hundreds of years ago. In 1910, it was made into a city park. It is bordered by the Oder from the north and the east, by the flood control channel from the west, and by what remains of the Wiński Channel from the north-west. From the direction of the city centre, which is very close by, you can reach Bolko Island from Pasieka Island via a pedestrian and bicycle bridge on the Oder. Bolko Island can also be reached via a bridge on the flood control channel and Parkowa Street, which runs along it. It is a perfect place to relax and rest.

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