Lodowisko Toropol

Toropol ice rink


The Toropol ice rink in Opole is located in front of the Amphitheatre, and is one of the oldest sport-related buildings in the city. It first opened in 1961, making it older than the legendary festival! Since its construction, it has been renovated and modernised on numerous occasions, which is why it still remains one of the most popular spots among those who like to exercise. The ice rink’s dimensions are 30 x 60 metres, making it the go-to place for Polish hockey players, short-track runners and figure skaters to practice. Its open skating rinks are also popular, especially since you can rent skates there as well. Haven’t been there yet? It’s a must-see!

Contact data
Lodowisko Toropol
ul. Norberta Barlickiego 13
45-083 Opole
77 454 32 66
toropol [at] mosir.opole.pl

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