Wzgórze Uniwersyteckie

University Hill

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This lovely little spot houses several modern sculptures of people whose art or lives had an impact on the city. Along with Osiecka, Niemen and Grechuta – the greatest stars of Opole festivals – there is also a monument to songwriter Jonasz Kofta, theatre reformer Jerzy Grotowski, who worked in Opole for several years, as well as publicist, political scientist, MP and Senator Edmund Osmańczyk. The sculptures are placed in a way which makes the Artist Square one of the most frequently photographed places in Opole.
The hill is also known as St. Adalbert’s Hill – legend has it that this is where the Bishop of Prague and future saint converted, baptised and taught local pagans in the late 10th century. When he ran out of water for baptising, he struck the ground with his crozier, which caused water with miraculous healing properties to erupt from below.  A little well with a beautiful iron lattice dome protecting the stone boarding is located behind the university building – supposedly where the event took place.


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