Muzeum Śląska Opolskiego

Museum of Opole Silesia

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This regional museum was established more than one hundred years ago! It houses a diorama of 18th-century Opole, a collection of unique archaeological findings from an ancient settlement in Ostrówek, lovely Tułowice ceramics and a collection of works by Jan Cybis. A tenement at 9 Św. Wojciecha Street is another unique attraction, with its five flats spanning all furniture styles which were in vogue between 1890 and 1965. In addition to furniture, kitchen equipment and other miscellaneous things present in every household, various types of heating are also presented, including masonry heaters and cast iron heaters. Also presented are hygiene items, and cooking utensils were a challenge to do right.
The renovation and extension of the building which took place between 2005 and 2008 was an important event. Three permanent exhibitions were introduced in the newly-renovated interiors: Gallery of 19th-20th century Polish paintings, Upper Silesian Ceramics and The World of Pharamcy. An archaeological exhibition titled The Ancient and Mediaeval History of Opole Province was also added later, as well as a permanent exhibition titled Opole – a settlement, the capital city of the region.

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Muzeum Śląska Opolskiego
ul. Św. Wojciecha 13
45-023 Opole
77 453 66 77
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