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The scholarship programme for first-year students is targeted at exceptional secondary school graduates who are planning to enrol at one of the local universities. Exceptional graduates are recruited from among the participants of the third, central stage of various Olympiads. In addition to financial support offered to future students by the city, graduates participate in a comprehensive personal development programme at their chosen school, which includes a language course and individual tutor support, ensuring the best possible conditions and quality of education at the university of the student’s choosing.

The Mayor of Opole Scholarship Programme is targeted at exceptional students who stand out for their grades and social and academic involvement. The programme is available to students of both public and private universities. The exact amount paid depends on the number of points scored by applicants as part of an open submission programme. The scholarship is paid in monthly instalments throughout the entire academic year.

Doctoral Scholarships is a programme dedicated for PhD students enrolled at the local universities who boast significant academic achievements such as publications in scientific journals, presentations at conferences, projects and research grants. A student can receive a scholarship twice during his/her doctoral studies. Scholarships are paid in monthly instalments over the course of 9 months during the academic year.

The Internship Programme promotes the most talented and active students, encouraging them to enrol at and graduate from the local universities. It is also an opportunity to acquire experience in the field, increasing the value of students on the job market. The programme is supported by businesses which have recently invested in Opole. This gives students an opportunity to work in competitive, rapidly-growing environments. A city-supported internship can last up to six months.

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