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The Opole Faculty of Economics of WSB University is part of the WSB University Group, which offers the highest quality of business education in 9 cities across Poland. The founder of WSB University, trusted by 250,000 students so far, is TEB Akademia.
The Opole WSB Faculty of Economics offers programmes which meet the requirements of businesses – everything the students learn, they can apply in practice. WSB is where students meet with professionals, facilitating information retention and fostering creative problem solving.
As a business university, the school actively supports the professional development of students since the moment they enrol. The WSB Career Office helps students choose the right career path and find internships, as well as supporting jobseekers in finding work which matches their expectations and ambitions. The Opole branch of WSB also operates a University Business Incubator, enabling every young person to start a business within a day.
The wide range of scholarships on offer helps significantly reduce tuition costs, or even cover them completely. Laureates of international Olympiads, laureates and finalists of country-wide Olympiads, laureates of contests organised by WSB and charges of orphanages are exempt from having to pay the tuition fee for the first year. The scholarships and discounts offered to WSB students include Rector’s, Minister’s, social, sport, leader, disability and orphan scholarships, as well as special assistance grants.

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Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa
ul. Augustyna Kośnego 72
45-372 Opole
77 401 94 44, 77 401 94 48
kancelaria.opole [at] wsb.wroclaw.pl

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