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Industrial Design

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This is a new study programme at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Opole University of Technology.
Candidates should possess spatial imagination, be highly creative and able to solve technical issues. Industrial designers should not only pay attention to aesthetics, but also seek the most efficient functional, structural and material solutions to meet the user needs and expectations.
Graduates of industrial design can find employment in advertising agencies, design firms, the IT sector and various other industries. They are ready to create their own designs or work as part of interdisciplinary design teams, conduct research work necessary to properly identify and specify design issues and look for the best functional, structural and material solutions, as well designing with attention to the aesthetic side of the product.
Graduates of industrial design use their knowledge of design history and culture as inspiration to create concrete solutions and harmonise all proposed elements to ensure a great user experience. Their designs take into account the multi-aspectual nature of every issue and the necessity to properly manage the relations between particular aspects. Industrial designers use advanced design-assisting technologies. They are able to correctly utilise various materials and technologies to solve the design problems they encounter.

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